How Twitter Will Change Industries With Its Work From Home Forever News?


When something unusual happens and happens on a global scale, we become the victims of it’s ripple effect. in fact, many people cope differently to any situation like a pandemic. Some may adapt to a new lifestyle and others may probably go crazy. In addition, new lifestyles are considered living in quarantine. For example, when Coronavirus started in the U.S. many companies and businesses started losing business, laying off employees, and eventually closing down. However, there are companies that are still surviving. Companies in industries where their products and services are needed. Those companies developed a system where their employees can work from home.

Working From Home Forever

Working from home is the next big thing. In fact, companies like Twitter (Per CEO, Jack Dorsey) have stated that employees can work from home forever. This is big news because this is going to change many different industries by the possibility of shifting office workers to use their home office. It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the employees. The reason I say this because companies can cut office rent expenses, utility expenses, miscellaneous , and so forth. The question is are you willing to be socially distant and work from home forever?

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Breaking The Cycle

Since, Twitter has decided to enact the change to working from home forever, I am wondering how are their employees reacting to the news. Unfortunately, this news can traumatize employees in the sense that they believe the pandemic would end and everything goes back to normal. However, if employees are to working from home forever, I believe there is a solution to stay socially close. In fact, this could be a lucrative opportunity for Starbucks and other coffee chains.

For example, employees who are to never return to the office and work remotely should have options. Options should allow for employees use their equipment and operate out of a Starbucks, Biggby Coffee, Tim Hortons, and small coffee shops. Now, as for Starbucks and other coffee chains this would entice for them to build their coffee shops into multiple story building’s like the one in Chicago. This will allow for a different motivating work culture. Not only would people work out of coffee shops but also communicate with different people daily.

Starbucks in Chicago

I spoke my idea of breaking the cycle. Now, it’s your turn to let me know what you think. Provide and opinions, suggestion, etc.

“Change is good and sometimes it’s for the better…the only part is for you to adjust.” –

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