You’re probably sitting at home in the middle of quarantine and wondering about a weekend getaway. Well, I know just the place if you live around the state of Ohio. You might say, Ohio? What is there to do in Ohio? Not much, but a lot apparently. For now, let’s talk about a little place called PUT-IN-BAY.

About The Island (PUT-IN-BAY)

PUT-IN-BAY is a small island located in Lake Erie between Ohio and Michigan. This is a very fun island to visit every year for a fun weekend getaway. The island is filled with restaurants, bars, pools, hotels, fun activities for the kids, and even some history site seeing. However, the best part about the island is that you do not need a car. The reason you do not need a car is because the minute you get off the ferry/Jet boat everything is in walking distance. Although, if you are looking to explore the island, I recommend you rent a golf cart.

Getting to the Island

Getting to the Island is not so hard. The way I do it and possibly everyone else is by heading to Port Clinton, Ohio. Once you are there you will see multiple different boating docks and ferry services but the only one I use is Jet Express. They have their own parking lot and you can park their over night (Cost is $10). It is the safest place to park your car while on the island. To take the Jet Express you can purchase tickets online or in-person.

Recommendations For First Timers

If you are thinking of visiting Put-In-Bay in 2020, the best time to go is through out the Summer but be careful July is a very busy month. My favorite time to go is near the end of August because there is light foot traffic but enough to not be crowded. The reason I say this is because I visited two years ago in July and I was not able to find a golf cart to rent from any rental shop. I had to wait an hour and a half for someone to return one. One thing the golf cart rental shop mentioned to me is if I was to go in July ever again I should reserve my golf cart online.

An additional recommendation to renting a golf cart there is not to go for the rental shops right when you get off the ferry. Those shops tend to be more expensive. You can save a few extra dollars per hour if you walk into the downtown part of PUT-IN-BAY which is like a 2 minute walk.

My Favorite Restaurant on the Island

I have tried multiple restaurants on the island. However, none of them are as good as the Boardwalk Restaurant. The Boardwalk restaurant has an upper deck seating area where you can enjoy some great seafood and more. It is the ultimate east coast feel during the Summer. The Upper Deck has indoor and outdoor seating. Of course, my favorite thing to have over there is the Lobster roll. You have to do seaside like it’s done in Maine.

They Have Wineries

Yes, Put-In-Bay has multiple wineries which you can visit with your friends and family. One in particular is called Heineman’s Winery. However, I cannot provide you with my taste review of the wineries because I do not drink alcohol, but from what heard from people I know is that Heineman’s is a good one.

Put-IN-Bay Airport

Put-In-Bay has their own airport on the island and the airport has a private air field runway. However, if you are interested in taking a flight up and around the island, I recommend you do the helicopter ride. Go up 800-feet in air and fly around in the island for 10 minutes for just $35.

Put-IN-Bay History

One of Put-In-Bay’s most iconic historical structure is the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The monument stretches 352 feet in the air and it is $7 per adult to enter, kids are free. The observation deck is a 360 view of that island and is just spectacular to see. this is something you do not want to miss when going there. If you are not going to ride up in the helicopter, you have to at least do this.

For more info on Put-IN-Bay, please check out their website.

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