How Working From Home Affects Weight


For most of us, working from home has changed us. To be more specific, the change has occurred in the weight department. Since, my company had us work from home I have put on 12 pounds. The reason for all the weight gain is the easy access to free snacks. In fact, I believe we have all been doing it and the biggest problem is not resisting it because we are under a lot of stress.

Have Do We Control the Weight Gain?

Since gyms are closed, our mental thinking towards training suddenly stopped. We shifted our thinking towards more comforting methods. Those methods are categories of their own such as snacking. A question would be, what can we do to control what we have gained and how do we lose some of the weight? The answer is to accomplish weight loss goals, you need to follow strict rules like the below.

  1. Stop buying more snacks while quarantined and working from home.
  2. Set 6 different times between 9 AM to 6 PM where you can eat something small.
  3. Opt out for better food options and stay away from processed foods.
  4. Go on daily walks or runs after work.
  5. Develop a new love for outdoor gardening and plant fresh organic veggies.
  6. If you are stressed, write an email to no one with whatever is on your mind and by the time you finish writing it you will realize that you feel better.


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