How People Will Come Out From The Global Pandemic Crisis With A Changed Mentality?


How often do we have a global pandemic? Never. There has not been a global pandemic at the same level as Coronavirus. During these times people continue to be quarantined and that is a good thing because we have an obligation to eliminate the spread of this virus as much as possible. There will be a day when the global pandemic ends. However, with people being quarantined there could be a different way of thinking that goes on in people’s minds. Therefore, will the effects of the virus change the way we carry out our daily lives?

A Changed Mentality

It has been a few months since people across the world saw a normality in their everyday lives. This pandemic has caused many to become more aware of their surroundings, practice more self hygiene, develop new ideas leading to an introduction of a new industry or business practice, and finally become more closer with their families.

Aware Of My Surroundings

Being aware of my surroundings when this pandemic ends is something very important to me and I hope people do the same. The reason for that is you never know what any one person might be carrying. This does not mean breathing down the other person’s neck at the grocery store. Regardless of how we act in public, it is very important to allow for space between ourselves and fellow shoppers.

Practicing Self Hygiene

Practicing self hygiene is the most important thing anyone can do whether they are in public or at home. The way we can accomplish self hygiene is by washing our hands every half hour to an hour. Additionally, the bathroom is used differently in different parts of the world. However, the bathroom idea of a hose attached to the toilet is the best option. What you do is simply spray and your front and back with it while on the toilet. The process is not messy but rather more hygienic than just wiping with toilet paper.

In public, every person should have a hand sanitizer with them in the vehicle and it must be used upon entry and exit of the vehicle. Also, if you are unsure of what might be on cart handles, then you should use store provided Purell wipes or wear a pair of disposable gloves. Although, people are price gouging gloves online I recommend finding a beauty supply store where they have gloves for sales. I recently, purchased 100 gloves for $5 at a beauty store where on Amazon people were selling it for $25. PLEASE DO NOT take advantage of each other.

Discovery Of New Ideas

When we sit at home we tend to think and sometimes over think things. In fact, when we think we think of ideas to do, create and develop. This can lead to an innovation of a new product or service to turn into a business. An example of this would have to be the sewing and selling of masks. This pandemic has allowed us to think deeply and utilize our abilities and skills to create something out of nothing.

Loving Your Family More

If there is one thing we would run away from when things were normal, it was family. In current time, we have come to appreciate them more because sons and daughters cannot see their mothers and fathers out of fear. Fear that the kids may have unknowingly and non-visible symptoms that are easily transmitted to older adults like parents. Therefore, it is important to enjoy the company of family because a person can never know what time will bring with it.

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