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The funnest day every person looks forward to is the day before going on vacation. They get off work early to pack or even the entire day. At least that was me ladies and gentlemen, before heading off on a good 5 day trip with my wife. I was so excited that I packed in way in advance and scheduled every little thing we can do in those five days. Now, sure I incurred some mistakes like going over budget, but I do not regret anything I did. However, there are some do’s and don’ts which I will discuss in the further in the article.

That’s me standing on the left (next to Sloane and Cameron) in the same place Ferris Bueller stood in the iconic Chicago movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off .

About Chicago

Chicago is a cultural city. It’s a city filled with history from it’s movie stars, to famous gangsters like Al Capone, and the very fulfilling deep dish pizza. Every year the city is filled with tourists and it does not matter whether its Winter or Summer because of it’s charm. Something people will not miss is it’s enormous shopping district. Yes, its not just New York, Chicago has one too. If you’ve ever been to Chicago you would know something about a little street called Michigan Ave. On this street, you will come across people from different ethnicities of the world, all coming together to spend spend spend. On shopping of course, and then after hunger hits and they head over one of my favorite restaurants, The Grand Lux Cafe (Fish and Chips, hands down).

One Thing To Do Before The Trip

Before any trip, always look for the BEST POSSIBLE DEALS FOR SAVING MONEY. Trips can get expensive if you just pack up and go without any accountability. Therefore, I will give away one tips based on what I experienced. The tip is to look for something called The Chicago City Pass. Many cities in the U.S. have then they save you money as well as get you to the front of the line. For example, my wife and I decided we want to visit the Willis Tower and because we had the Chicago City Pass we did not have to wait in the long line to get to the top. The staff took us to the front and we went up right away. The city pass had 7 attractions but we could only choose 5 out of the 7 to go to which saved us a good $40 each person.

The Attractions and Prices:

  1. Shedd Aquarium – Priority Entry
  2. Skydeck Chicago – Fast lane Entry
  3. Field Museum – All Access Pass
  4. Adler Plantarium – Entry + 2 Shows + Atwood Sphere Experienc OR Art Institute Of Chicago – Fast Lane
  5. Museum of Science and Industry OR Chicago 360 Observation Deck

PRICING: Adult $109 and Child $89

Planning your trip around the Chicago City Pass gives you can idea of which places you want to visit without reaching your destination and being all confused on what to do. This of course is very helpful if it is your first time to the city with or without kids. However, if you only want to visit one or two of those attractions you can because there are plenty of other FREE attractions to visit like Millennium Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo ($20 Parking fee Only, entry is free), Chicago River Walk, Grant Park (Buckingham Fountain), the small strip of the sandy lake front.

Field Museum with the great T-REX


Did someone mention food? Yes, that is correct. Food is the best thing about being in Chicago because not only you can eat in the city but also you can go outside the city and enjoy good food their to. Whenever, I visit Chicago I try to have some of my favorite as well as try some new ones.

Places I Visit Everytime:

  1. Bongo Room – Located on the north west of the city is this magnificent brunch restaurant that makes delicious White Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Pancakes..Enough said.
  2. Wild Berry Pancakes – Located across from Millennium Park and be prepared to wait..but you can get in line on Yelp which is a little secret I use before I go there.
  3. Geno’s Pizzeria – I have friends that live in Chicago and they say Lou Malanti’s is the place to go, but for me it’s Geno’s because of the fresh out of the oven deep dish phenomenon.
  4. Grand Lux Cafe – If you’re Aussie or just a lover of Fish and Chips, then you definitely have to make a run for the Fish and chips at Grand Lux.
  5. Ghiradelli – If you’re from San Francisco, then you know but if you’re not see the image below.
Ice Cream Sundae

For My Couples

You’re woman wants you to take her out and do something special for her while on vacation and in Chicago there are multiple. However, one that peeked my interest is the special lunch or dinner aboard the Odyssey. This date is surely to never be forgotten because while you enjoy a nice lunch or dinner the boat is cruising along side Chicago on lake Michigan while you enjoy a nice view of the city. As a bonus you and you’re lovely date enjoy great music, drinks, and even access to a roofless deck.

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