How I Start My Gardening Operations Every Year

In Michigan, it is tough to garden most of the year. The reason for that is SNOW! Michigan Winters are brutal because they last forever. By forever, I mean beginning in late October and extending towards the middle of May. This is not something every Michigander enjoys because it shortens our warm seasons. However, when I garden I like to get in early on the action and if you live in southeast Michigan I will tell you about my favorite place visit every year for all my plant shopping.

Starting Out the Planting Season

Every year I start my gardening operations by shopping for plants as soon as the weather warms up and usually sticks around. These are the weeks usually between May 5th to May 15th depending on the weather. However, if the weather is still cold I tend to hold off until after May 15th. Although, planting is the fun part of gardening there is a tough part that everyone who plants yearly has to go through and that is dig up, flip the soil around, and remove any weeds that would disrupt your plantation.

Equipment In Use

There are multiple options to dig up and flip the soil around. First option, use a pitch fork puncture the soil and step on it with one foot do deepen the puncture and flip it (Illustration 1.1). Second option, is to use a tiller for fast and effective results (Illustration 1.2). Using a Tiller is your best option to flip the Soil around. However, to buy one is certainly not worth it due to the short planting season. To use a tiller, you can borrow one by renting it from Home Depot or a place like Lowes. In my recent visit to Home Depot I was able to obtain that the rental of a Honda Tiller like the one in the illustration, is $35 for 4 hours or $50 for 24 hours. However, the best option is 4 hours because that is usually how much time you need to go over the soil twice.

Illustration 1.1
Illustration 1.2

Best Place to Visit for Plants in Southeast Michigan

BLOCKS! It is the best place to visit in my opinion when looking to get in early on the planting Season. Blocks is a large Greenhouse which is located near the Detroit Metro Airport on the northeast corner of Middlebelt Road and Eureka Road. They have everything from flowers, tomatoes, gardening soil, pots, and more. The best part of it is they have reasonable pricing. So think IKEA compared to other expensive furniture store, except this is in the plantation industry.

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